Leave It for Love

A charity that keeps on giving
Leave It For Love was started as a hobby to enable those with many
blessings in their lives to make a difference in the lives of others. It has
grown each year and we have donated thousands of gifts.

Mostly during the December holiday season many gifts are exchanged and
these gifts never see the light of day or proper use. LIFL takes these
unused gifts and gives them to people that might appreciate a little
something special.

Do you have a pile of holiday gifts that didn't make the grade? Like fruitcake,
soap-on-a-rope, coffee table books, footed pajamas, neckties and cologne?
Rather than keeping these in your home where they add clutter, why not
consider donating to the less fortunate? Someone may really need the
leg-warmers or a hot cup of tea to help keep them warm in the winter.
About Us
Jennifer Molski created Leave It For Love as a
way to volunteer her time and help create a better
world. She believes that we were given two
hands - one to help ourselves and the second to
help others.
Jennifer and Ralphie
"So many of us find ourselves
with little gifts that we would
love to pass on but don't know
who to give them to. This
wonderful program matches up
these presents with elderly folks
that who are often lonely,
homebound, and very grateful to
be remembered.  I'm glad to be a
very small part of brightening
someone's life."  -  Nancy Dunne,